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Erasmus+ Studenti Incoming

The Erasmus Office will be available on Teams on line every Tuesday and Thursday from 3pm to 5pm. 

LLP/Erasmus Foreign Exchanges

For some time now the Venice Academy of Fine Arts has been engaged in exchanges of both students and teachers within the LLP/Erasmus programme.  Every year, bilateral contracts are stipulated with analogous universities in different EU countries (Spain, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Finland, etc.); The Academy is also working to extending similar types of cultural exchange to a wider number of countries.

The organization of the LLP/ERASMUS exchange

Before departure

It is important that students that chose to participate in the LLP/ERASMUS exchange prepare in advance for their stay abroad. 

Before the departure, they will have to attend the following principle matters: the drawing up of a study plan to be carried out at the host university; for the period abroad and any credits awarded to be recognised, it is absolutely necessary for the student to make prior agreements with the staff member responsible for exchanges; moreover, regarding planning the period in which the exchange is to take place, it is obvious that the student is obliged to follow the academic calendar of the partner university and, in particular, the dates of the course he/she is to attend.  The calendar in some foreign universities may vary considerably from those in Italy; for example, in some Universities in the north of Europe courses begin on the first of August.

Finding lodgings: often the enrolment forms sent to students by host Universities, or by the EU programme office, include a form for reserving accommodation at a university residence or private structure.  In some cases, however, the foreign university simply supplies the student with information on how to find lodgings.  If this is not the case, the student is obliged to organise lodgings autonomously on arrival in the host country; this may be shared accommodation with other students.  We would like to point out that the solution to such matters is the sole responsibility of the student.

Nevertheless, should students encounter organisational difficulties regarding their stay abroad, they may request assistance.

Institutional Factsheet 2021-2022

The Institutional Factsheet of Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia 2021-2022 contains important information about the institution, main contacts, courses, detailed requirements for the admission, calendar, grading system and housing in Venice.

Application Form 2021-2022

If you have been nominated by your school for an exchange period at our institution, you will have to send to [email protected] the following documents:


  • the Application Form you can find below
  • an artistic portfolio with your works if you have one
  • if you have already completed it, you can send the Learing Agreement too


  If you apply for the full year or the first semester, you will have to send these documents before May 15th.

  If you apply for the second semester, you will have to send them before October 15th.

Erasmus office online

All interested students are advised that, due to the pandemic situation and the necessary reorganisation of the secretarial offices, from January, the Erasmus office will be available on the Teams platform in the dedicated group, which can be accessed with the code: fobeeie

The office will be on line every Tuesday and Thursday from 3pm to 5pm.

However, you can always contact the coordinator at any time at the following address: [email protected]

For face-to-face appointments, the coordinator will be available at the Academy according to the following schedule:

December: 16 and 17

  • January: 13, 14, 27 and 28
  • February: 10, 11, 24 and 25
  • March: 10, 11, 24 and 25
  • April: 7, 8, 21 and 22
  • May: 5, 6, 19 and 20

The Erasmus coordinator Prof. Antonio Fiengo

Covid 19: restrictions, online classes and emergency numbers

Dear students, the Italian government has extended the emergency period until July 2021.

The italian government has imposed the following restrictions: from March 15th 2021 to April 06th 2021 all the schools will remain closed and the classes will be held online. 

To see the timetables of the lessons, go to Avvisi Docenti: https://www.accademiavenezia.it/avvisi/

To follow the updates, you can consult the following websites: 

Ministry of Health: www.salute.gov.it

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: www.esteri.it

The Foreign Affairs Ministry prepared a form with which by specifying your own situation and your home country you can know exaclty what are the measures to follow:  https://infocovid.viaggiaresicuri.it/index_en.html 


If you need informations about the symptoms, you can call the regional number for the covid emergency 800 462 340 and they will advise you on the steps you need to take.

If you have any simptoms stay at home and call your doctor or the number 118 (emergency room).




Queridos estudiantes, el gobierno italiano ha extendido el período de emergencia hasta julio de 2021.

Actualmente, las restricciones imponen que desde el 15 de marzo 2021 hasta el 06 de abril 2021 todas las escuelas estén cerradas y que las clases serán exclusivamente en línea.

Para ver los horarios de las clases, ir a Avvisi Docenti: https://www.accademiavenezia.it/avvisi/

Para manteneros al día, podéis consultar los siguientes sitios web: 

Ministry of Health: www.salute.gov.it

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: www.esteri.it

El Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores preparó un formulario con el que, especificando su propia situación y su país de origen, puede saber con exactitud cuáles son las medidas a seguir:


Para informaciones sobre los síntomas, contactar el número regional para la emergencia covid 800 462 340. Ellos os dirán cuáles serán los siguientes pasos.

Si tenéis síntomas, quédense en casa y llamad vuestro doctor o el número 118 (urgencias).


The Director informs that after several meetings related to Study in Venice, all the students of the Academy, the Conservatory and the university sector are offered the opportunity to use a new web platform dedicated to the search of apartments for students in Venice historical center, a result obtained after a work carried out in recent months in collaboration with the City of Venice and trade associations acting in the area.

The initiative aims to increase the offer of accommodation available to students who intend to move to Venice c.s. from September 2020, guaranteeing facilitated rents and rental contracts in accordance with the law.

In addition, this collaboration aims to promote a conception of the city that moves away from the risks of mono-activity tourism and promotes an increasingly concrete integration of the university community, which is not only formed by the approximately 30,000 students enrolled at Iuav University, Ca' Foscari University, Academy of Fine Arts and Benedetto Marcello Conservatory, but also by teachers, technical administrative staff and collaborators.

All the useful information for students who are looking for a house in Venice and for owners who have a property and would like to rent it are available on: students.veniceapartment.com

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